A Year To Remember

As December is coming to a close, I'm sitting here in my office writing this, reflecting on the year I've had and wondering how I got to where I am today.  I went to KSU and studied fashion, then dropped out, moved back home, started a business, and got my real estate license, all in the matter of months. 

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Beige Cropped CorrduroyBeige Cropped Corrduroy
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Rust Shacket

    I started this little biz in my college dorm in 2019. Never in a million years did I think I would be where am today at 20 years old. I am currently sitting in my office at the boutique writing this and that is just CRAZY. So much has changed in 1 short year. We went from a little apartment to a storefront, I launched this biz with only 5 items to now 141. we will continue to grow, continue to set goals, and continue to reach those goals we set.


    Hi, I'm Sammy, I'm 20 years old and the owner of Crazy Chic boutique. I am from Garnett, KS. I went to college at Kansas State University for 2 years. This is when CCB was born. I dropped out of college, got my Real Estate license and opened up a storefront in Garnett. With working 6 days a week between Real Estate and the boutique I felt as if I could be doing more. So now I am also a waitress 3 nights a week at a bar and grill.

  • F R I E N D S

    From my college apartment to now The CC Boutiques. To the ones who have been with me through it all Thank You.

    Thank you for your empowering words. Thank you for always having my back. Thank you for your endless support.

    Thank you for never giving up on me.

    Thank you for standing by me as I work to achieve my dreams.

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